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McKinsey Report: Gas projects vital to African growth. South Africa could install up to 20GW of gas-fired power plants by 2030.

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01 Sep 2015

McKinsey Global Institute released its latest country-level report on South Africa today. The report, titled "South Africa's Big Five: Bold priorities to unleash inclusive growth" drew expertise from leaders and experts across government, business, and academia.

The report highlights Natural Gas supply and its supporting infrastructure as both a growth opportunity and prerequisite for Southern African prosperity. Report findings project that 330 000 jobs can be created by natural gas projects by 2030 and that South Africa could boost its GDP by R250bn by then, through prioritsing the role natural gas in the energy mix.

Advanced manufacturing, infrastructure productivity, service exports and raw and processed agricultural exports completes the "Big Five" list of "bold priorities to unleash inclusive growth" according the report. Download the full report here