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SacOil hopes for increased stability in the Congo

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11 Nov 2013

SacOil hopes for increased stability in the Congo

OIL exploration company SacOil says it hopes the defeat of the rebellion in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo will bring stability as it sends teams to gather oil exploration data close to the Ugandan border.

"If the area becomes stable and the unrest is resolved, we’ll accelerate our work and send in teams to acquire seismic data in our oil block near the Ugandan border," vice-president responsible for operations Bradley Cerff said last week. The first team would be dispatched in January or February, if security concerns allowed, he said.

This week the Congolese armed forces declared victory over the M23 rebel movement, which has been waging war since April last year. The fighting had delayed planned work by about six months, SacOil said.

Source: Sikonathi Mantshantsha, BDLive