Business, our society and the environment are intrinsically connected in complex ways and Efora believes that the sustainability of the Company within its operating environment should be a moral and economic imperative.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Business, our society, and the environment are intrinsically connected in complex ways and Efora believes that the sustainability of the Group within its operating environment should be a moral and economic imperative.

Efora's priority is to remain commercially viable so as to return value to all its shareholders and the stakeholder communities in which it operates. The economic, social and environmental performance of the Company is therefore key indicators of its commitment to ensuring its sustainability.

While we pride ourselves on being an African company investing in Africa, we are acutely aware of our history and moral obligation in pursuing our commercial interests in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We view the objectives of growing our business as intertwined with protecting our natural heritage and transforming our society.

Social and ethical framework

Efora has always appreciated the interconnectedness of the society and environment in which it operates and its importance to the sustainability of our business. We have developed a social and ethics code of conduct which guides the Company’s conduct in relation to these aspects of its business. Adherence to the social and ethics code of conduct by the Board, management and employees alike when pursuing the business of the company, as well as progress with initiatives are closely monitored by the Social and Ethics Committee - in line with its mandate.

Company values

It is expected that Efora's directors, management, and employees will at all times always act lawfully, ethically and in the best interests of the Company. Each one of us is responsible for adhering to the values of Efora Energy Limited in the execution of our company duties and responsibilities and must make every effort to ensure that our rules of conduct are respected by all. The Company conducts its business activities in keeping with its corporate values.


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