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How do I get a new share certificate?

Certificated SacOil Shareholders should complete the Form of Surrender (yellow) in the Circular to Shareholders dated 31 August 2017 and return it, together with their share certificates or other documents of title, to the Transfer Secretaries. New share certificates will be posted by registered post in South Africa and the United Kingdom, to Certificated Shareholders, at their own risk, who have surrendered their documents of title, within 5 (five) business days after receipt of the existing and documents of title.

I lost or cannot locate my share certificate

If any Documents of Title have been lost or destroyed and the Certificated SacOil Shareholder concerned produces evidence to this effect to the satisfaction of the Transfer Secretaries, then the Transfer Secretaries may dispense with the surrender of such existing Documents of Title against the provision of an indemnity, acceptable to, and in favour of, the Company, by the Certificated SacOil Shareholder concerned.

Who can I contact regarding my shares?

Contact your broker or appoint a regulated stockbroker to administer your shareholding or a share sale instruction. A list of stockbrokers is available on the website of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange:

You may choose to hold shares through an Own Name Custody Service provided by Link Investor Services Proprietary Limited (“Link”).  Link is a wholly owned subsidiary of Link Market Services and is licensed by Strate Limited as a Central Securities Depository Participant (“CSDP”). Link also has South African Reserve Bank approval to act as custodian for non–resident shareholders. This custody service is provided at no extra cost to you.  You will, however, be liable for brokerage fees should you ever wish to trade your shares, irrespective of whether your shares are held by Link or not.  You may contact them at


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If you are in any doubt as to what action you should take, consult your CSDP, Broker, Banker, Legal Adviser, Accountant or other professional advisers immediately.

Or visit our Shareholder Information page for more information regarding your shareholding and share certificate.