The Company is focusing on African oil and gas opportunities with the key focus on short-term production opportunities. The exploration assets should be in proven areas of discovery with above average upside potential.

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Southern Africa – Afric Oil

About Afric Oil

Afric Oil, a subsidiary of Efora, is one of the largest independent fuel distributors in Southern Africa.

Afric Oil was established in 1995 as South Africa’s first 100% black-owned oil company.

For the year ended 29 February 2020, the company sold 148.3 million litres of petroleum products such as diesel, petrol, and paraffin. Sales of petroleum products to a diversified customer base which includes local government and mining, construction, transport, manufacturing, retail and agricultural customers, generating a revenue in excess of R1.9 billion ($125.3 million).

Afric Oil owns two depots in Boland in the Western Cape province, and in Beitbridge on the border of South Africa and Zimbabwe. Afric Oil’s operations are predominantly in South Africa, however, it also has an operating presence in the greater Southern African regions that include Zimbabwe. The key customers of Afric Oil include government departments, state-owned entities, mining, construction, transport, manufacturing, agricultural customers and other non-refinery wholesalers of fuel products.

For more information on Afric Oil, visit the company's website at www.africoil.co.za


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