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Nigeria – Crude Trading Allocation


Rights: In May 2018, SEER was awarded a twenty-four-month contract to lift and trade Nigerian crude oil.
Partners: Energy Equity Resources (Nigeria Services) Limited ("EER")
Interest: 50%

Efora and EER signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) to explore oil and gas opportunities in the Republic of Nigeria. As part of this MOU the parties are evaluating various opportunities in Nigeria to participate in the sector, across the energy value chain.

Efora's role and interest in the business

Efora is working closely with EER to manage the activities relating to the trading activities. The trading activities will provide an additional source of income for Efora. The crude trading is to form a basis to expand the Group’s trading activities and build an effective trading segment for the Group. Efora and EER incorporated a Seychelles entity namely Sacoil Energy Equity Resources Limited (“SEER”) with a minimal capital investment.


SEER applied for and was awarded a 12-month term contract for the purchase of Nigerian crude oil grades by NNPC in April 2016, which was renewed in December 2016 for one year. In May 2018, SEER was awarded a 24-month contract. The terms of crude trading allocation are standard for all third parties awarded a crude allocation by NNPC.

Although the current contract is for a 24-month period, SEER has to apply monthly to NNPC for the lifting of crude. The crude grades will vary and the availability of crude oil from NNPC for onward sale is dependent on aggregate crude production in Nigeria available for lifting by third parties. SEER is focused on securing monthly crude allocation, subject to availability.