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SacOil supports Math and Science studies in Cosmo City, Johannesburg

Mandela Day 2016 Team

SacOil has partnered with the South African Medical and Education [SAME] Foundation to make a positive difference in the lives of pupils at Sgodiphola High School in Cosmo City, Johannesburg.

The SAME Foundation is a national NPO with a great track-record of completing over 40 projects in the last 12 years, positively influencing millions of South Africans. The Foundation’s objective is to improve access to healthcare and education in poverty-stricken communities through high-impact, focused projects.

Children in township and rural schools are suffering with a lack of teacher skills, resources and infrastructure that is currently plaguing education in South Africa. “We are helping address this crisis to ensure that in the coming years, SAME Foundation projects will produce youth who have been educated to a level that allows them to reach their full potential”, says Damain Matroos, SacOil’s Executive Director of Finance.

The Foundation’s focus for strategic investment in education is predominantly on science and mathematics. Science and maths education in South Africa is currently in a crisis. In 2015, the World Economic Forum ranked South Africa last out of 140 countries for the quality of Mathematics and Science education. Results from the Annual National Assessment in 2014 showed that the average performance in maths at grade 9 level is 11%.

Sgodiphola High School is a quintile 1 ranked school in Cosmo-City, Johannesburg. This Secondary School project is an extension of an earlier Primary School project (Tirisano-Mmogo Primary School), which is the feeder school to Sgodiphola. This means that the learner community enjoys support from grade R through to Matric. Focusing primarily on Mathematics, Science, Computer Studies and Literacy, SAME supports the school with resources, teacher training, infrastructure and assessment skills.

SacOil has committed support to the project with an initial donation of R25,000 and to volunteer the time and of our team to join the efforts of other volunteers in doing maintenance at the school on 15 July 2016. The cash donation is directly applied to the project. This event forms part of SacOil and SAME’s Mandela Day 2016 campaign. Mandela Day is celebrated on Monday, 18 July. Our campaign started on Friday, 15th as the classes were empty at the time. The third term starts on Mandela Day, Monday 18 July. Sgodiphola Secondary learners returned to freshly painted classrooms on Mandela Day as they arrived to start the new term.

Dr Thabo Kgogo, SacOil CEO says that the company is proud to contribute to improved opportunities for learners with an interest in mathematics and science. “By supporting this project we are helping to secure the next crop of qualified professionals who can progress the African economic landscape. As an African energy company we harness our continent’s resources to the benefit of its people and the potential of our youth is also a natural resource that should be developed to the benefit of the continent and its people”, adds Dr Kgogo.

*** Mandela Day is celebrated annually in honour of Nelson Mandela’s life of service to his people.


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